Monday, April 16, 2012

Improved Quotation Boxes

I have made small changes to improve the look of the quotation boxes. The most significant tweak is the ability for MOPE users to supply a citation or reference for the quotation via 2 input box questions. See the screengrab below.

New option for adding a citation for quotations in MOPE

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to embed screencasts and videos within a MOPE page

Two new screencasts have been produced to help staff create screencast boxes within their MOPE pages...

1. Linking to a URL within a MOPE screencast box...

2. Embedding some HTML code within a MOPE screencast box

Monday, March 26, 2012

NEW FEATURE: screencast options updated

I have updated the 'Add Screencast' panel so that it automatically includes the "Play .m4v version in new window (iOS compatible)" option as default. In order to stop MOPE from building this link into your screencast box you have to manually uncheck the "include ipad-friendly format?" checkbox.

Include ipad-friendly format now happens by default
The link will now be automatically created for the ipad-friendly format and is based on the link you supply in the "Link to screencast on echo360" box at the top. Previously the URL for the ipad-friendly format text field had to be entered manually.

This was introduced in response to student feedback where greater flexibility and accessibility was requested. This now applies for all echo360-based screencasts added to MOPE pages.

When published in MOLE2, the resulting MOPE screencast box now looks like this...

In order to take advantage of this new update as usual the latest version of MOPE must be installed. To do this run the setup.exe file in the following location:


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NEW FEATURE: Requests for technical support on Screencast boxes

MOPE pages which feature screencast boxes now automatically include a message at the bottom which says...
"If you have problems accessing this resource
please contact Luke Miller ("

This new feature is illustrated in the screen capture below...

The message at the bottom of screencast boxes

Any students using the screencast and experiencing problems can click on the link and draft an email to me explaining the problem.

This feature was added after one or two students reported problems with accessing the screencasts.

This update will now notify me instantly rather than students emailing tutors, module co-ordinators or administrators all of whom would probably eventually end up forwarding it to me.

The most common reason why students would experience problems with these screencasts is probably related to having an old (incompatible) version of the Adobe Flash player on their internet browser and is therefore easy to fix.