Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NEW FEATURE: Requests for technical support on Screencast boxes

MOPE pages which feature screencast boxes now automatically include a message at the bottom which says...
"If you have problems accessing this resource
please contact Luke Miller ("

This new feature is illustrated in the screen capture below...

The message at the bottom of screencast boxes

Any students using the screencast and experiencing problems can click on the link and draft an email to me explaining the problem.

This feature was added after one or two students reported problems with accessing the screencasts.

This update will now notify me instantly rather than students emailing tutors, module co-ordinators or administrators all of whom would probably eventually end up forwarding it to me.

The most common reason why students would experience problems with these screencasts is probably related to having an old (incompatible) version of the Adobe Flash player on their internet browser and is therefore easy to fix.

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