Monday, March 26, 2012

NEW FEATURE: screencast options updated

I have updated the 'Add Screencast' panel so that it automatically includes the "Play .m4v version in new window (iOS compatible)" option as default. In order to stop MOPE from building this link into your screencast box you have to manually uncheck the "include ipad-friendly format?" checkbox.

Include ipad-friendly format now happens by default
The link will now be automatically created for the ipad-friendly format and is based on the link you supply in the "Link to screencast on echo360" box at the top. Previously the URL for the ipad-friendly format text field had to be entered manually.

This was introduced in response to student feedback where greater flexibility and accessibility was requested. This now applies for all echo360-based screencasts added to MOPE pages.

When published in MOLE2, the resulting MOPE screencast box now looks like this...

In order to take advantage of this new update as usual the latest version of MOPE must be installed. To do this run the setup.exe file in the following location:


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